Saturday, December 31, 2011

I glow

Older photo of me.
I love these glasses. they fit over my normal glasses. My old bedroom had a few blacklights.
these glasses rule. they have swirles on them. :)

"She wore nonsense like a coat of armor. She was naturally so strange, so far out there that people just could not make heads or tails about her. And she liked that just fine...."


I'm Lunar.

I wanted a new place to just, you know, write. It seems like everytime I try blogging, i fail at it. oh well.
I'm currently 33 pregnant as of 12/31/2011. *happy dance*

let's see, I'm into art. Like, really into art. I'm always drawing on myself, my clothes, the walls of my house, my computer, wherever there is a blank surface. I also like to write. Sometimes, I randomly glue things to other things, or just you know sprinkle glitter on some object.

hopefully I will be able to inject just a bit of my life into the internet world, or at least for me.

Nice to meet you!