Saturday, March 30, 2013

lips smeared with black lipstick

I am not afraid of the night. In act, I much rather prefer it. Much quieter, more time to think, less busy, less people. I don't know why people believe the night is something to fear.

Crafting again.
Paper Mache

Need to keep cleaning. I want to finish the kitchen, but that has to wait.

Going back to reading

Monday, March 18, 2013

Not one pink sugar drop

Rainy day today. Cold.

Spent yesterday spreading flower seeds, most perennials and Texas wildflowers sent to me. Herbs and vegetables are next. I began herbs inside on the back window sills. I lean towards the do nothing way, allowing nature to work her wondrous magic without my interference. It does work and I get a lovely forest jungle instead of boring, straitlaced grass and fences. I will have third year grapes this year. I have a new grapevine as well, so I do hope to have a good 15 years of grapes from the three different vines. I also have a sprawling strawberry patch, mixed in with various herbs. I cannot wait for the entire front to be covered. It will be magic walking barefoot.

Slowly patching my hoodie with randomly cut fabrics of black, red, some white. 

I plan to half bury some glass wine bottles in the front to place candles in during the spring/summer. I plan to fill each bottle with an array of items, including glass, rocks, beads, anything that will reflect the candle light. Did I mention my neighborhood finds me strange?

I would love to make both an artificial and a real faery ring for the outside.

I still have no ideal what I would like to do with the back fenced in driveway. Any ideals?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Once cheerful wreck of a room
Been on a better track. Rearranging and deleting. Rid myself of a truckload of my past and current burdens.

Looking forward to spring. Planting a garden and flowers, letting the wild side creep in. I tire of neatly arranged.

Tire of seeing unhappy people doing all they can to keep you in the mud with them. Nothing wrong with being unhappy when it's needed, but no need to force others to not live because you aren't.

As another day comes to an end, I look forward to a blissfully night of activity.