Friday, July 19, 2013

Morning in this new world

We laid naked on a golden cloud, painting the trees with metallic watercolors
We floated with glass wings, dipping our rainbow toes into seas of mermaids
We picked flowers of passions, sharing candy coated sugar hugs
We lived forever encased in a swirl, entwining our hearts on the beams of the moon

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Magic shadows

He loves to wrap cloth around him. Silk probably feels excellent against his skin. I'm so amazed at how these came out. Nothing fancy. Just a cell phone camera, which I have to use for all my photos now since I don't have a camera.

Once Known as

My living room at morning and at night. Blackout curtains keep out the sunlight, which is good on these sweltering days. The sun is on the other side of house until around noon. It's refreshingly cooler in the house with these curtains. 

Not much else is new. I had my birthday. I didn't get to do much. Did a little shopping with money given by Anders. I still have some left. Perhaps I will use it on etsy or thrift store, most likely thrift. Pick up some art supplies and a bottle of Champagne. Not a huge fan of drinking, but I don't mind sipping every now and then

Monday, July 8, 2013

Silver in the night

The yard as of just now around 7:10pm. The Squash is taking over the yard. The grapes are large, lucious looking and still green, but starting to turn purple. The corn is growing, so are the beans. My chamomile is taking off, lavender is standing proudly, rosemary and lemon balm are like..yeah I'm here. The mints are like.."Nah, I'm taking over this place". I also have tomatoes, blueberries, peppers..and something else in here. I already pulled up the potatoes.

Got some birthday money early, so I got two shirts at goodwill, some incense, rose quartz, two stickers..and ate at ali babas.
next week, on my actual birthday (july 15th)..I have a bit more cash to spend.

Painting the tree mural. changed it to blue as the base. Plan to add much more colors, inspiring trippy words and swirls. I heart swirls.

Tomorrow, with some cash, i plan on visiting the local seed place. It's so local it's a less than a mile away. They always have flowers of varying types and fresh local produce. I want to fill up my planters.

I can't believe that in spite of not having anyone to hang around. I am actually smiling right now.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Listening to syrupy dark voices

I think I want to start a tribe/collective
a free spirited true bohemian eclectic artistic collect/tribe. Where money would not be number one, where we learned to live off the land, from scavenged waste and castoffs. where we could work together as a tribe, depending on each other, to grow, to live live to the fullest.

But I think I am the only one who thinks that way, so right now, I am a tribe of one.

that's okay though.
started on a mural in the living room area. A weird, psychedelic tree..thing. Not making plans, just flowing.

nothing much else to say