Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This is me.. in a nutshell

I make no sense. Who really does? I make mistakes. I admit them. I give people too many chances. I play GTA: Liberty Cities and do nothing but cause havoc. I have a life. You don't. That's why you insist on trying to run mine.
*insert mindless walks at 4am*
I hate TV. I think people who watch TV non stop need to be shot. I don't celebrate most holidays. Holidays are made up by the greeting card companies to stimulate the economy. I take photographs of people like a stalker. I'm not a stalker. I hate stalkers. I run into walls. I spin in circles on the floor. Hot Topic should burn to the ground. I can see your doodle.
* oooo shiny things...*
I hate cliques. I like being uncool. I like being alone 90% of the time. I don't understand people. People confuse me. You talking to me is confusing to me. I don't get people. Andrew confuses me. The world is NOT my oyster. I don't like oysters. I like angels. Angels watch over my house. Faeries are in my bathroom. Fraggles were Muppets on Ecstasy. Everyone loves drugs. Not all drugs are recognized as drugs. TV is a drug. Blood fascinates me. I like blood more than most things. Sharp things are cool. They're shiny. Shiny things keep me captive. The night sky has shiny things. I love insomnia. Sleep takes up too much time.
* sprouts shimmering faery wings and flies away*
Bleee! I hate fashion. Fashion sucks. Followers of fashion should be dragged into the street and shot. Oo RAINBOWS!!! I think originality is dead. Deal with it. Everything has been done. Hair in your eyes was already done by Disney in the movie "Shaggy Dog". That's what you look like. Really. IKEA is uncreative. You're just uncreative spawn with the same decorating scheme. I wrote a story at age four about killer alphabet soup. My heart is still bigger than yours. Andrew brought me a Winkie Guard Barbie doll and a winged monkey. Monkeys can fly. The moon has a funny face. Vampires have sharp teeth. I hate Monopoly. i will kick you in the face.
* points at spot on ground and wonders why no one else can see it*
I have more imaginary friends than you. My barbies talk to each other at night. JTHM doesn't like you either. I'll never grow up. I poke people. I bite hard and leave scars. I rearrange furniture when I'm bored. It takes many licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. I cannot be categorize. Medication doesn't help. Stab you in the EYE! JOLT cola isn't for you. You're a square. I fall down a lot. Mirrors steal your souls and sell them to Wal-mart. Caterpillars really do smoke hookahs. I'm the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes. Life too short to be taken so seriously. My existence keeps the world alive.

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