Friday, August 3, 2012

Day 3

So far, so good.
I think the first week is always easiest, for me at least. I still have left over and stuff like that. THe second week will be much harder. No soda withdrawls yet, although I'm taking in copious amounts of tea and water, so maybe that helps. I want to continue this for a few months, but I'm taking it week by week.

Started the paper mache bathroom floor. It's still wet. Hopefully will be dry to the touch by the time he gets up. I can add about 3 layers of poly friday, probably 4. I want to have all 12 layers done by tuesday, so I can get started on the smallest bedroom. I want to actually finish each room one by one, so I can see accomplishments.

It's 348am here, so maybe I'll try to get a few hours of sleep. I want to do more on the house in the morning, in between his naps and stuff.


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