Monday, March 18, 2013

Not one pink sugar drop

Rainy day today. Cold.

Spent yesterday spreading flower seeds, most perennials and Texas wildflowers sent to me. Herbs and vegetables are next. I began herbs inside on the back window sills. I lean towards the do nothing way, allowing nature to work her wondrous magic without my interference. It does work and I get a lovely forest jungle instead of boring, straitlaced grass and fences. I will have third year grapes this year. I have a new grapevine as well, so I do hope to have a good 15 years of grapes from the three different vines. I also have a sprawling strawberry patch, mixed in with various herbs. I cannot wait for the entire front to be covered. It will be magic walking barefoot.

Slowly patching my hoodie with randomly cut fabrics of black, red, some white. 

I plan to half bury some glass wine bottles in the front to place candles in during the spring/summer. I plan to fill each bottle with an array of items, including glass, rocks, beads, anything that will reflect the candle light. Did I mention my neighborhood finds me strange?

I would love to make both an artificial and a real faery ring for the outside.

I still have no ideal what I would like to do with the back fenced in driveway. Any ideals?

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