Friday, February 1, 2013


Another day

Mentally doing alright. I have been cleaning, getting ready for donations, trying to make room in the house
Looking forward to making my bohemian recluse cave a bit more...well..awesome.

I have not had caffeine is over three weeks, which is great. I have not had soda in two day.. any at all. I feel much better now.

Even with the solitude, I believe I have been improving, feeling more hopeful. I look forward to each day without feeling empty.

Writing more, starting crafting again.

Life looks pretty great.


  1. bohemian recluse cave... yup that pretty much describes my room!

    i'm glad you're feeling more hopeful... i'm new to your blog, so i don't know what troubles happened in your past, but i am glad you're feeling on the up and up! ♥

    1. thank you. You have no ideal how much that means to me. :))