Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Unasked for

Ever have something happen to you, something pretty cool, maybe even a bit spooky? that feeling you get, maybe a bit of enchantment, a bit of wonder? You might mention it to someone, maybe write it down. Maybe it makes you smile a bit more.

Now, have you experienced someone who decides, whether or not you asked for it, to tell you why it wasn't "magical" or why it happen or tell you why you shouldn't believe in anything mystical, etc.

You know, I really could care less at times. I don't always care about finding the "real" answer. Sometimes, I need a little bit a wonder to get through a tough time, just to make it through another day. I could less how supposedly immature that makes me. So what if you don't believe in anything? Good for you. Do what whatever you want to. But that does not mean YOU get to tell me how I am allow to be. I am NOT in any way hurting you by having some belief in some kind of magic. People complain about how children today have no childhood, no beliefs, so cynical, so angry. Ever think that people who think it's their personal duty to tell anyone and everyone what they are allowed to believe might have something to do with it?

I may not be all like "OO faeries in the garden wooooo" (ok some days I just am).. but there are days when I see a cool shaped cloud or get a email at just the right moment that makes me smile. And you know what? You can't take that away.

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