Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Listen to your good heart

I should update this more
I know. I keep saying that

went out on June 23, ate dinner at a friends house. got doughnuts and watched the Supermoon for a while in a field of a super expensive private school. That was a refreshing change of pace. No photos since I have no camera, but maybe one day.

I make meals I like to call my Bohemian meals. They are literally just whatever I can find or get for super cheap. I have two small raised bed that I try to grow food in. My potato patch is coming up and I pulled up a few.
My lifestyle revolves around gardening, dollar stores, thift stores and dumpsters. I can't afford much else, with the exception of Sav a lot. So food is creative. Today, I made cheesy potatoes and hot dogs, mixed together. It is quick, cheap and filling.

I have noticed that bohemian now means people who can afford ethnic (or at least looking ethnic) tastes, style, fashion, food. They also have money to spend on brand new items or at least someone willing to buy them what they want after some sob story. Would I want presents now and then? Honestly, sure. But it hasn't happened and I don't think it will. And I'm okay with that. It might make life harder, but life isn't always going to be easy. Besides, I live being creative in all aspects of my life and someone just giving me things all the time would probably not fulfill that for me. I think creatively has led to some amazing things and it would be a sad affair if those amazing moments just stopped.

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