Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sickness in Shadows

I wish I could take a few photos but my camera is on its last legs. I like that about me
I actually like to use things until they go rather than trying to be updated with everything.
I am not a fan of those who do that since it is a waste of time, energy, money and resources to just buy over and over and over. These same people often complain about their lack of funds as well. Oh well, that's is their life.

I suppose the term fair weather friends applies to me. I feel that way. Only friends when either they want something, usually someone to tell them how special they are or need someone to entertain them when everyone else is busy. I seem to fall into the latter, the last resource, the last friend on the list, when all other options are used up. I am used up, at least from their perspective. Too poor to be fun. I can't just up and go and spend money, or go to events or the like. I have a child so that just throws me into the category of unable to have fun or be exciting or worth spending time with, which is laughable. Parents, especially, need time to themselves, time to be adults, time spent with other adults. They really do. But alas, this society deems otherwise, then they ask questions when people do insane horrible things like kill their whole family when they are depressed. Tell someone over and over that all they are allowed to be is just parents is probably not the smartest thing.

I'm in an art block. Well, not really, more like art valley. I have ideals but not the means to do them. I need to extend my hoodie for the cooler weather, paint the wooden floors, build a bookcase, plant rose bushes and dark flowers (maybe next season or grow indoor plants) attempt to do some black and white art....

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